What do we do exactly? A lot!

feeserIT offers new opportunities to streamline business operations while increasing overall productivity.

The Services We Offer

To stay competitive, you need to leverage current technologies – but who will help make them work for you? Can you really afford a dedicated, in-house IT staff? We offer all the advantages of a full-fledged IT department at only a fraction of the cost. We aren’t on your payroll when times are slow, and when a problem does arise, we’ll work with you to come to a quick and lasting solution. We assist clients with...

  • Web Application Development               
  • Network Design and Implementation               
  • EMR/EHR Support               
  • Dragon Speech Recognition Sales and Training               
  • Software Support


  • Website Design and Hosting               
  • Hardware and Software Sales               
  • Database Management               
  • Remote and Onsite Support               
  • Training