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Top Landmarks In Chester County

Chester County is a beautiful historical area in Pennsylvania. One of the original three counties, Chester is full of gorgeous parks. Have you been to any of them? This is your chance to get out in nature, go for a walk, pack a picnic and whatever else you can get into out there. Here are 5 of the best parks to visit in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

There is so much history in Chester County, and that means you’re going to find a lot of landmark attractions. How would you like to visit a house that was built in 1704? That’s the first place of interest we are going to visit virtually together. Get ready for a ride around Chester County, checking out all the great historical sites and landmarks waiting for you.

The Brinton 1704 House & Historic Site is the first landmark attraction, and it’s in West Chester. The Brintons were Quakers, and this historic home is located at 21 Oakland Road. You are going to find out that some of the furniture is original, meaning it’s not all outfitted with period pieces. According to the reviews, the docents are very informative, which means you are in for a great tour of the Brinton 1704 House & Historic Site.

Next up, you’re going to be visiting a city called Malvern. Malvern is home to Historic Sugartown. This area is home to many historic landmark buildings, and you’re in for a treat. It’s a historic community complete with a general store, school and everything that you would expect to see during the early 1800’s. Make your way to 690 Sugartown Road, and take your tour of the past. One of the points of interest mentioned in reviews is the book bindery.

The Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site in Chester County is also a place you don’t want to miss. Make sure you check out the visitors center if you are going to stop by. There are exhibits there, and you will also find a bookstore. Staff are there, too, and that is also where the restrooms are located. You can go on a self-guided tour, and you are going to see many historic buildings and plenty of animals. There are demonstrations, and you can enjoy a picnic and watch the wildlife. There is even an apple picking adventure available during the fall season, as well as programs for the kids.

Saint Peter’s Village is an entire town and considered a landmark attraction in the middle of Chester County PA. There you will find antique shops, an old-fashioned inn, great restaurants, and well, more than meets the eye according to reviews. You will enjoy all kinds of activities there, and people say you can find great ice cream there. It’s also a place where you can take a great nature walk as well. Saint Peter’s Village is like a blast from the past.

There are other landmark attractions in Chester County to visit, too. In a past article, I mentioned a battlefield that is also a park for the kids to play, complete with ballfields and everything. History meets entertainment when you step foot in Chester County. The residents of all the cities there have done quite a lot to preserve the history for centuries now. Every city you visit in the county is going to show you just how much history is in the area for you to see.

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