HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

The tools to keep your practice compliant.

Annual Assessment

If your business is required to remain HIPAA compliant, you rely on your data and record storage to stay safe and secure. That’s why we conduct an annual assessment of your technology to ensure you’re adhering to guidelines.

Detailed Report

You’ll also receive a detailed report confirming the findings of our annual assessment to keep your HIPAA records. We understand the privacy of your patients is critical for your business and are proactive about your data’s safety.

Technology problems happen when you least expect them.

You don’t have time to stop your business to fix every technology issue or remember to back up your data manually.

Your business operation relies on your technology and data working at peak performance. Without it, you can’t serve your customers well.

That’s why we offer both on-site and remote support: to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

Included with our affordable Monthly Managed Service Provider Fee.

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