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According to research, 66% of malware is installed via malicious email attachments and 96% of phishing attacks arrive by email. These statistics point to the ease with which cyber-criminals are targeting the email systems of businesses across the globe.

Feeser IT now can deliver advanced email security that uses AI and Machine Learning technology to filter your business email and help keep dangerous emails out of your inbox. This technology uses the collective security intelligence gathered from millions of inboxes in real time to discover and contain zero-day threats! Almost 20% of all employees are likely to click on phishing email links. Among those that click on phishing email links, 67.5% actually put their email login information into the spurious website. That amounts to 13.4% of employees who are likely to give away their company access credentials to cyber-criminals.

Here is how it works…

Threat protection

scanning incoming,
outgoing, and internal emails

Email continuity

providing access even if
email servers go down

Granular control

allowing you to set access and
permission levels

M365 integration

allowing you to protect your
Microsoft 365 email use

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