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Why backup my Important Data?

Consider these scenarios…
Computer Crashes – Always happen when you least expect it and can lead to data loss
Virus/Malware – Major viruses can corrupt files and even encrypt them and disable your computer.
Hard Drive Failure – Hard drives have a finite lifespan and can fail for any reason.
Physical Damage – Portable devices are mostly at risk here.  You could drop a laptop or spill liquids that can be harmful to your computer
Theft – Sadly, this can be a factor as well.
With the services we provide your data has redundancy and can be restored at any time The backup service can run at any time frame and create versions.  For example, backing up your email file every 15 minutes so you never have to worry about emails being lost.

What about security? Can anyone get my personal data? All the archived data that is stored on the servers are secured with 448-bit encryption. Encryption is the process of converting information into a coded form that cannot be accessed without the key used to encode it. The Offsite Backup encrypts the files included in your backup before the data is sent to your destinations. Data encryption, combined with a secured encryption key, prevents unauthorized access to your information.

Put simply, if someone ever accessed your backup archive, both your password and encryption key are needed to decrypt your files. 448-bit refers to the length of the key. The longer the key, the harder it is to decrypt data.
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